Woody Norman, unequivocally the cutest - and probably most talented - kid to pop up this awards season, has been speaking about his time working with Joaquin Phoenix on Mike Mills' C'mon C'mon. That and, well, why all of us oldies need to have a little more faith in the future. GQ asked the tender-hearted (and surprisingly British) actor about his thoughts on all those people - including, welp, us - crying en masse at his movie.

Phoenix, in Norman's words:

"He's lovely. It was so fun to work with him. And he's very generous with his scenes because he never wants to take the spotlight from anyone who he's working with, supporting actors or background characters or anything. Everyone's just as important in his eyes."

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A match made in heaven, we'd think - and unsurprising that they'd be wrangled together under the tutelage of Mills, a filmmaker second and professional, hyper-sensitive empath first. One key element of the film consists of Phoenix's character, Johnny, asking a bunch of kids about their hopes and dreams for the future. Fittingly, the interviewer asked for Norman's, whose answer is both phenomenally mature and almost as endearing as his performance:


"Mine would probably be the same as Jesse's, just denying the question at first. But then I'd say the whole, well, in my actual opinion, I think the world isn't going to end soon. I think we'll sort everything out, all the bad stuff is going on. I think it'll get sorted out. So I'm putting a lot of faith in the people that will hopefully stop it. But I think as people, we should just stop overly worrying about it, ‘cause that'll make it worse. We need to stop worrying and actually do something. If we just do something, it'll get fixed in a few decades."

Wise, refreshingly hopeful words, kid. You'll go far. (Sounds like Mills' own hyper-positive philosophy rubbed off on him a tad, too.) And what of the tears?

"We went to London Film Festival to see it. And that was amazing just to see it with a bunch of people that I didn't know and see what their reaction is. [...] I've never cried to something I've been in, but I bawled the entire time. I just cried. I was weeping the whole time."

Our invoice for the many boxes of tissues we rapidly went through shall be forthcoming, Woody.

C'mon C'mon is currently in theaters and also stars Gaby Hoffmann, Scoot McNairy, and Jaboukie Young-White.

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