Editor's note: The below article contains spoilers for the first episode of Hawkeye.

Hawkeye launched its first two episodes today, and the debut came with a rather cheesy yet hilarious scene of everyone's favorite archer taking in a musical. In Episode 1, Clint Barton sees just how popular the Avengers have become through the fictional stage play Rogers: The Musical — which, of course, comes with a grand, show-stopping musical number. If you loved the bit of "Save the City" that played in the episode, Marvel released a full version which you can listen to right now for free.

The scene in question acts as one big parody of Broadway musicals based on hit shows. While the play recounts the events of the first Avengers film, some details, like Ant-Man's inclusion in the Battle of New York, are hilariously wrong. It tries to condense a lot of Avengers lore into a single musical as well, even though it's only supposed to be focused on the Battle of New York. There's a line about the city changing their perspective towards loving the superhero team, which assumes the MCU Civil War kind of just came and went with no fanfare. Also, the costumes are quite bad in another jab at low-budget musicals. It all drives Barton so far up a wall that he purposely turns off his hearing aid.

"Save the City" was specifically made to fit the mold of the over-the-top show-stopper with some generic lyrics and shoddy writing that poke fun at New York and even some of the Avengers themselves. The chorus has a lot of "rah-rah, fight the fight" stuff that culminates in the meme-worthy line "I can do this all day!" that really amps up the cheese factor. Near the end, the song describes all of the Avengers and subtly jabs at Hawkeye, calling him "cool" and " a really nice guy" while all his teammates are admired for their god-like powers or unmatched beauty — which is hilariously mean-spirited for a musical made to celebrate the Avengers.

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To make the song a perfect riff on Broadway, Marvel spared no expense, bringing in Marc Shaiman and Scott Whitman to compose the number. The two are veterans of theater, previously creating the smash hit Hairspray and collaborating for a number of other prominent musicals from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Mary Poppins Returns. Adam Pascal, Ty Taylor, Rory Donovan, Derek Klena, Bonnie Milligan, Christopher Sieber, and Shayna Steele all add their voices to the production, giving it the feel of a proper stage production.

The first two episodes of Hawkeye are streaming now on Disney+. Check out the full, incredibly corny musical number below:

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