Kadokawa's has announced the second season of the anime Made in Abyss. With the announcement came a trailer, and a look at the key visual. Masayuko Kojima will once again be directing for this season, along with other returning staff at Kinema Citrus.

The trailer begins with the group searching for an island out at sea. Eventually they do find the island, and the teaser then focuses on them exploring the new area. We also see a conversation between newcomers Belaf and Vueko. We get to see a look at Faputa near the end of the trailer, and the video ends with seeing Riko and Reg relaxing.

Along with the teaser, new cast members were announced for the second season. Vueko will be played by Yuka Terasaki (A Certain Magical Index), Belaf by Mitsuki Saiga (Attack on Titan), Wazukyan by Hiroaki Hirata (One Piece), and Faputa will be voiced by Misaki Kuno (The Seven Deadly Sins).

Image via Sentai Filmworks

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Made in Abyss is an anime adaption of the manga with the same name. There are currently three movies and one season of the show released. The story follows Riko, an orphan girl in the town of Orth. In the center of this town is a mysterious giant hole known as the Abyss. People go into the Abyss to explore and find artifacts and remnants of past civilizations. Riko wants to become a legendary Cave-Raider, known as a "White Whistle," like her mom was, and one day she discovers a robot boy within the Abyss who she names Reg. Believing her mother is at the bottom of the Abyss, Riko embarks on a journey with Reg to descend into the Abyss and find her.


While there is no exact release date, the second season of Made in Abyss is slated for a 2022 release. Sentai Filmworks will release the new season digitally and will follow with a home video release later. You can check out the first trailer for the new season below.

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