1C Entertainment has announced their new game Men of War II, and released a trailer to go along with it. The trailer gives us a look at some of the gameplay, and some of the units that we will be able to command.

The trailer starts off with a cinematic, showing both the Soviets and the Allies getting ready for war. We then get to see some gameplay. We see soldiers, planes, mortars, and many tanks from both factions as they go to war with each other. We can see that the environment will be at least partially destructible, as we can see missiles destroying many parts of buildings that are in the way. We can also see that the weather and even the seasons can change during the game.

Men of War II is an RTS (real-time strategy) game and sequel to the original Men of War. The story will take place during World War II, and will have story campaigns on both the Western Front and Eastern Front, allowing you to play as the Allies or the Soviets. You can either play the game in either single-player mode or in co-op with up to five players.

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The sequel will bring back the direct control system from the original and is now being called Direct Vision. This system lets you go to the perspective of an individual soldier, and allows you "upgrade, change, or repair equipment on the fly." There will also be a front-line mechanic present, which will let players "manage attritional battles and break through undefended lines to advance the areas of maps under control, digging trenches and supporting troops in newly won territory." Multiplayer in Men of War II will allow players to compete as Allies, Soviets, or Germans on either skirmish or challenge maps. They can also co-operate against an AI faction.

While there is no specific release date yet, Men of War II is slated to come out sometime in 2022, and will be available on PC. You can check out the reveal trailer below.

Here is the official synopsis for the game:

Experience warfare like never before! Men of War II, the anticipated sequel to the acclaimed RTS franchise is here with all-new units, locations, campaigns and game modes, combined with the series’ trademark historical accuracy and action-filled gameplay on Eastern and Western Fronts of WWII.

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