On our interview series Collider Ladies Night, we cover one’s journey from their earliest ambitions to their latest achievements, and that means touching on all of the highlights and lessons learned along the way. One of my personal favorite scenarios to dig into is the decision making process when choosing between two huge opportunities.

For Rosamund Pike, an especially big decision had to be made when given the chance to commit to the role of Andromeda in the sequel to Clash of the Titans, 2012’s Wrath of the Titans, or to continue on in the casting process for Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel.


While on Collider Ladies Night in celebration of the premiere of her new Amazon series, The Wheel of Time, Pike took a moment to look back and discuss why she felt she needed to do Wrath of the Titans at that particular point in her career. She began:

“I think I was very interested in the way that the director was approaching Wrath of the Titans. He was a South African guy called Jonathan Liebesman and he just had this sort of documentary approach to this big world and I thought he’d teach me stuff. You know, sometimes you pick roles based on what you think you can learn from them, and I thought there were things that I would learn from that, which I did, whether or not anyone knew about it. He taught me an awful lot about action, actually.”

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As for her ambitions for her character, Pike had big goals and put in the work to achieve them, but as with many studio blockbusters juggling a large ensemble and significant set pieces, there was only so much screen time to go around.

“There were scenes that were cut. I was very interested in what made a great general for instance, and I had researched all these war films and read books about great generals in the second World War and sort of wanted to be this person who could go from declamatory rousing battlefield speeches to individually speaking to the men as individuals … and I did all that and it’s not in the movie because we had to get to the monsters quicker.”

Even though those key beats for the character never made it into the final film, Pike still looks at her time working on Wrath as an invaluable experience — one that taught her lessons that continue to come in handy today.

“It was a great part, Andromeda. And I learnt an awful lot of sword skills. And all of these things, you never know when they’re gonna come back. And even just kind of imagining things, how to sell stuff that’s not in front of you, all of these skills that you don’t realize as a young actor you’re gonna need; how to believe something terrifying is right in front of you if you can’t see it and all that stuff that has to become a skill.”


Before moving on to the next project in her filmography, Pike further emphasized, “Wrath of the Titans was a really good experience, actually. It was something I don’t regret at all doing. I learnt an awful lot from it.”

Eager to hear more about Pike’s biggest takeaways from her other credits like Doom, Die Another Day, Gone Girl and The Wheel of Time? You can catch our full Collider Ladies Night conversation uncut in podcast form below:

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