Ever wanted a fridge in the shape of an Xbox Series X? Well, looks like you can now have one. These cute mini-fridges have been popping up in different Target stores in the United States ahead of the original release date of December 2021. What was once a joke is now a very odd reality for many Xbox fans. At this point, it might be slightly easier to get an Xbox Series X fridge than an actual Xbox Series X.

This meme come-to-life was available for pre-order starting in October of this year. Microsoft announced that the fridge would be available in the United States, United Kingdom, and European countries this December Now, the Xbox mini-fridges are selling out everywhere. Those who wish to nab one from Target’s website are plum out of luck; however, U.K. fans may still have a chance to get one if they order through other retailers. If you happen to finally find one, expect to pay $99.99.

Image via Microsoft

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Twitter is blowing up with fans sharing their pictures of the Xbox fridges in their local Target. Even voice actor Michael Kovach (Hazbin Hotel, Lackadaisy) posted to his Twitter account that his pre-order had already arrived.

Microsoft has had a busy year and not just within the gaming industry. It was also recently revealed that an Xbox documentary titled, “Power On: The Story of Xbox,” which will explore the console’s history, will be released on December 13. Also, Microsoft teamed up with Adidas to bring forth their limited-edition Xbox sneakers earlier this November.


The company has certainly been branching out in creating unique products for fans. I’m curious to know what Microsoft has up its sleeve next for the Xbox console’s 20th anniversary - a microwave? More shoes? Who knows, but it’s surely going to be oddly fantastic.

'Power On: The Story of Xbox' Documentary Trailer Reveals the 20-Year History of the Console

The six-part documentary premieres on December 13.

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